A video commissioned by the Taiwanese artist Yu Hsieh, showing him at work in Glasgow, in his studio and in his exhibition ‘Reconciliation’. Summer 2018.



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Visions of Sound is a collaboration between two pianists, Milly Holroyd and Mianoora Kosonen  and artist Da Hee Lee. They have been working collaboratively to explore Bach’s music over a seven month period. Their showcase at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland during Bridge Week (18th of June 2018) was a combination of an art exhibition and a music concert: a new and interactive way to experience the genius of Bach.

I was asked to take photos of the event, to keep a record of the performances.



I was also asked to make a short film of the event.



Later on, I took portraits of the artist, making one with her art work.


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Opening of the art auction ‘No safe Haven’ at the Pipe Factory in Glasgow (all the proceeds went to the Charity Glasgow Women’s Aid), on the 28th of March 2018.


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Short documentaries for the art events ‘Window Vistas’, video projections on windows in Dalhousie Street, Glasgow, as part of Glasgow Why Festival, April 2018. These films were released on social media to promote the event.


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October- December 2015. Bordeaux Montaigne University’s communication deptartment hired me to renew the communication department’s photograph collection in order to highlight the distinctiveness and originality of the university after it’s change of name and of graphic charter.



My photos used on the University’s website and social media.


One of my photos used for the University’s greeting card.




Photoshoot for Bordeaux Montaigne University’s online shop: Eshop de Michel.



Posters made with my photos for the shop’s promotional campaign.

The online shop with my photos.




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November 2014. Photos for the Small Publisher’s Fair at Conway Hall, London.

One of my photos used on the Small Publishers Fair website.




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My photographs used for the covers of Bordeaux Montaigne’s Uni student magazine Tintamarre.